1. David Garner: Dark Holler
    David Kirkland Garner

  2. Dalia Raudonikytė With: Solitarius
    Dalia Raudonikytė With

  3. Bach: The Art of Fugue

  4. Durey Rediscovered
    Jocelyn Dueck (piano), Jesse Blumberg, William Burden, Sidney Outlaw, and Adriana Zabala

  5. Cartography
    Mariel Roberts

  6. John Glover: Lucy
    John Glover, Kelley Rourke, Andrew Wilkowske, Red Shift Ensemble

  7. Matt Holman: The Tenth Muse

  8. Music from SEAMUS, Volume 1

  9. Fernando Benadon: delight/delirium
    Fernando Benadon

  10. Carl Schimmel: Roadshow
    Carl Schimmel, Lucy Shelton, Da Capo, SOLI, Left Coast Chamber Ensembles

  11. Hushers
    Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble

  12. Jeff Herriott: The Stone Tapestry
    Jeff Herriott, Due East, Third Coast Percussion

  13. ACRONYM and Jesse Blumberg: Johann Rosenmüller in Exile
    Jesse Blumberg, baritone; ACRONYM

  14. George Lewis: The Will To Adorn
    George Lewis, International Contemporary Ensemble, Steven Schick, David Fulmer

  15. Marcos Balter: Aesopica
    International Contemporary Ensemble, Claire Chase, Ryan Muncy

  16. Object/Shadow
    Mikel Kuehn

  17. janus: Book of Memory

  18. Music from SEAMUS, Volume 25

  19. Garden of Diverging Paths
    Mivos String Quartet

  20. Diary of a Left Handed Sleepwalker
    Three Free Radicals (Scott Miller, electronics; Mart Soo, guitar)

  21. loadbang: Lungpowered

  22. Barbary Coast
    Red Light New Music

  23. Young American Inventions
    Steven Ricks

  24. Ryan Streber: Concentric
    Ryan Streber, counter(induction, Line C3, Daniel Lippel, Nadia Sirota, Clarice Jensen, Alex Sopp

  25. R WE WHO R WE
    R WE WHO R WE: Ted Hearne, vocals, vocal processing Philip White, mixer feedback, vocal processing

  26. Nathan Douds Ensemble
    Nathan Douds Ensemble

  27. Travis Reuter: Rotational Templates
    Travis Reuter, Travis Reuter Quintet

  28. Nathan Davis: The Bright and Hollow Sky
    Nathan Davis, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Claire Chase, Joshua Rubin

  29. FM
    Flexible Music

  30. Peter Gilbert: The Bold Arch of Undreamt Bridges
    Peter Gilbert, White Rabbit Ensemble, Phillip Staudlin, Mario Caroli

  31. Daniel Lippel: Sustenance
    Daniel Lippel, Flexible Music, Erin Lesser, Jeffrey Irving, Peter Gilbert

  32. Kathleen Supove: The Debussy Effect
    Kathleen Supove

  33. Le Boeuf Brothers + JACK Quartet
    Le Boeuf Brothers + JACK Quartet

  34. Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death
    David Smooke

  35. Ryan Muncy: ism
    Ryan Muncy

  36. Garden of Diverging Paths
    Mivos String Quartet

  37. Steve Reich: Electric Counterpoint (Daniel Lippel)

  38. ICE: Abandoned Time
    International Contemporary Ensemble; Tony Arnold, soprano; Daniel Lippel, guitar

  39. Little Things
    Phyllis Chen

  40. Daniel Lippel: Resonance
    Daniel Lippel


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New Focus Recordings is an artist led collective label featuring releases in contemporary music of many stripes, as well as new approaches to older repertoire. The label was founded by guitarist Daniel Lippel (who is the current director) and composer Peter Gilbert in 2003, and features releases from many of new music's most active performers and composers. ... more

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